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What is a Wedge?

The wedge is a division of the iron golf clubs which are designed for special uses such as short-distance shots, getting the ball onto the green, out of a hazard or tricky spots.

It's features include:

There are 4 categories of a Wedge club, these are; pitching wedges, gap/approach wedges, sand wedges and lob wedges.

Wedge with Hand

Wedge Types

Pitching Wedge

This club has the lowest loft, designed for short-range shots. It can produce shots of 100 - 125 yards depending on the swing and providing the ball is not buried can also be used to help play a ball from the bunker.

Gap/Approach Wedge

The next higher lofted wedge (52° of loft and 8° of bounce), can be used for shorter shots usually 90-110 yards and on any terrain.

Sand Wedge

A specialised club for soft lies such as sand bunkers, soggy ground or mud. Dependent on the swing this club can usually reach upto 80-100 yards.

Lob Wedge

Highest loft (60°), this club can be used for extreme launch angle, short carry distance and/or no rolling distance after impact. A short swing of this club can reach 40-60yards but is usually used for chip shots to carry the ball 10-40yards.